Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak:  Surge in Business Growth Holds Down Taxes, Brings Jobs


     Since taking office, Mayor Matt Anesh has made growing South Plainfield’s economy a priority for his administration.  And the results show it.


     “Creating a business-friendly climate is one of the most important things we can do to keep moving forward,” said Anesh.  “It helps hold taxes down, and it creates jobs.”


     “When I first ran for council three years ago, I never thought I’d be attending so many grand openings,” said Councilman Joe Wolak, when talking about business growth in South Plainfield recently. 


     “We’re seeing the results of the council’s focus on bringing new businesses to town,” added Wolak, “and it’s making a huge difference.”


     “Growing South Plainfield’s economy benefits everyone.” said Council President Bengivenga. “It keeps wealth in town, employs residents and keeps our taxes low.”


     According to Anesh, there were several recent business projects that he was happy to help usher in.  “This year we welcomed back the Motor Vehicle Agency, Dollar General recently opened, and Ulta Beauty will soon open in Hadley Center.  In the past couple of years we welcomed businesses like ShopRite, Raymour & Flanigan, Restaurant Depot, and Carco Autoworld. This is all good news for residents.”


     Anesh also pointed to dozens of smaller businesses that have come to town and he said these are just as important,  “Two-thirds of new jobs come from small businesses.  Places like the Southside Clam Bar, Fit Body Book Camp, Pinot’s Palette, Little Nicky’s, and El Toro Loco Restaurant, just to name a few,  play a huge role in our local economy.” 


     According to Bengivenga, business growth also means new tax ratables, which helps hold down taxes. 


     “One of the reasons South Plainfield has one of the lowest taxes in the county is our business base,” said Bengivenga.  “Business and industry help offset what residents pay in taxes and the Borough’s ratable base has increased four years in a row.”


     The three candidates said the town is also seeing unexpected benefits from the council’s focus on growing the economy: 


          •South Plainfield is More Affordable – Municipal taxes, the part controlled by the Mayor and Council, is flat for the second consecutive year and sewer fees have been remained the same six years. This is why, just last year, named South Plainfield as one of the best tax bargains in the state and why so many businesses are calling South Plainfield home.


          •South Plainfield is Financially Stronger –Earlier this year, when S&P global affirmed the borough’s “AA” rating they pointed to the borough’s “Strong management, strong budgetary performance and a very strong economy” when describing South Plainfield’s finances. In addition, South Plainfield continues to have one of the lowest debt ratios in the County.


          •South Plainfield is Getting More for Less –  In 2016, Council President Bengivenga, introduced an ordinance requiring utility companies to repave damaged roads.  This year, Middlesex Water repaved nearly six miles of roads and in 2019, after finishing their renew project, PSEG will be required to pave nearly 5 miles of roads. This ordinance is a huge savings for taxpayers and has already saved over $2,000,000.  


     According to all three candidates, a continued focus on new-business growth is one of their three main goals:  The other two are to keep South Plainfield affordable while investing more in South Plainfield.


     “It boils down to this,” said Mayor Anesh, “we want to keep our town affordable, while investing more in our hometown.”


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