Taxes Controlled by the Anesh Team Remain Flat, While Taxes Controlled by County Dems Up 34%


     Saying results count, Mayor Anesh, Council President Rob Bengivenga and Councilman Joe Wolak this week urged residents to compare taxes under the Democrats to the results under local Republicans.


     “Keeping our financial house in order is my top priority,” said Mayor Anesh.  “The part of the tax bill controlled by the council is flat for the second consecutive year and is still less than when the democrats ran things in 2009.”


      “No other town is seeing results like that,” said Bengivenga, who chairs the finance committee.  “Other towns are seeing huge tax hikes.”


      “Unfortunately, because of the Democrats, not every part of the tax bill is down,” Mayor Anesh added.  “Since 2009, County taxes, solely controlled by the Democrats, are up 34%.”


     “Can you imagine what our tax bills would look like if the County Democrats approached things the same way we do in South Plainfield?” asked Wolak.


     Locally the Democrats have fared no better.


     “Last time the Democrats were in charge, the municipal part of the tax bill shot up $404 in just one year,” said Bengivenga.  “This was right after promising no tax increase during the campaign.”


     Wolak said he knows how important it is to keep things going in the right direction:  “People are struggling and it’s extremely important that we keep taxes in check.  So now more than ever, it’s important to elect people who will hold the line.”


     Bengivenga agreed.  “People shouldn’t have to choose between paying their property taxes and saving for retirement or for their children’s education.” 


     “The Democrats had their chance to show what they could do with property taxes, and the results weren’t good,” added Mayor Matt Anesh.  “You have to wonder.  All the million dollar promises being made by our opponents, what will our tax bill look like if they are elected?”


     The mayor pointed to this year’s affirmed bond-rating as an example of how his team has improved the town’s finances. 


     “The country, many states, and hundreds of towns are seeing their financial ratings plummet. But South Plainfield continues to be financially stronger.  That’s unheard of,” said Bengivenga.


     “Controlling taxes and investing more in our hometown are two of our major goals if elected,” explained Wolak.  “We’re the only team that has proven results, and we ask residents to support us so we can continue to work together and get the job done.”


     “The key difference between the Anesh team and the other side is business experience,” said Bengivenga. “We have the finance and management experience to keep taxes in check.” 


     Mayor Anesh said this year's election boils down to a single question:  Do you think South Plainfield is heading in the right direction?  "If you do," Anesh said, "we are asking for your support." 


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