Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak: “We’ll continue to ‘get it done’ for South Plainfield”

     Saying that results count, Mayor Anesh and his team kicked off their campaign this week by saying their platform will focus on how to keep South Plainfield heading in the right direction and continue to get it done for our hometown. Mayor Anesh is proud of the borough’s record, but he said his team is focused just as much on talking about the future.  “Our goal is to continue to keep South Plainfield affordable, while investing more in our hometown,” said Anesh.

     Anesh’s running mate, Council President Rob Bengivenga, pointed to the town’s long-term track record on taxes as one of the reasons he is seeking reelection.

     “Keeping our town affordable is at the top of the list,” added Bengivenga.  “South Plainfield has one of the lowest tax rates in the county. 

Matt, Joe and I want to keep it that way, and in the coming weeks we’ll announce plans to make things even more efficient.”  Mayor Anesh said he and his team were also able to get the Borough’s finances in order.  “The business community maintained our financial rating because of reforms we put in place, and we have one of the lowest debt ratios in Middlesex County,” he said when explaining where South Plainfield stands.

According to records, the part of the tax bill the mayor and council controls is flat for the second consecutive year and is still lower than in 2009, when the Democrats ran things. Over the same time, the county (under Democrat control) saw taxes go up $308.77 for the average home, and the school board raised taxes $821.72.  By contrast, the council’s part of the tax bill is $9.91 lower.    

     Councilman Joe Wolak, who is serving his first term, said that the key to controlling taxes is to keep South Plainfield on a solid financial footing. “I was happy to see that the business community maintained the town’s financial rating,” Wolak said.  “It’s especially impressive when you look around and see the state and scores of other towns getting downgraded.”

     Mayor Anesh said he and his team have one goal: to hold down taxes, while investing in our hometown’s future. The following projects are just a few we have been able to do, while keeping taxes flat for the second consecutive year: 


          · Doubled the size of the library

          · Repaving over 40 roads in 2018 including Hadley Road Phase 1

          · New Digital Signs at our PAL and Senior Center

          · New Wrestling & Cheer Mats at the PAL

          · Traffic Signal on Woodland Ave is in its final stages

          · Willow Park Expansion

          · New Police Vehicles & Equipment

          · Southside Dog Park

          · Senior Center Upgrades

          · Memorial Field Lighting

          · Fire Ladder Truck

     “I grew up in South Plainfield and chose to stay and raise my family here,” said Bengivenga. “It’s great to see all the new additions happening around town which benefit our families and seniors.”


     Councilman Wolak agreed. “Matt, Rob and I know that voters in South Plainfield demand results,” said Wolak.  “That’s why we hope to earn the town’s support by talking not only about our record, but by talking about how to keep things going in the right direction and showing how we will continue to get things done for our hometown.”  


     Mayor Anesh summed up the campaign kick-off saying, “We hope voters will compare our record to our opponents’ records.  Look at their accomplishments and compare them to ours.  We think that when voters compare, they will see we earned their support by working hard to get it done for South Plainfield.”

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