Mayor Anesh Announces Re-election:

“I’ll work hard to keep our hometown going in the right direction”

     SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Saying he is anxious to continue working for the people of his hometown, Mayor Matt Anesh announced this week that he will be seeking re-election in November. 

     “We’re making progress on so many fronts, and I want to keep that going,” said Anesh when asked why he’s seeking re-election.

     Former Councilman and Borough CFO Charles Haus said he supports Mayor Anesh one hundred percent.  “I have been involved in local government and politics for over 50 years and I can confidently say that Matt has been one of the most effective and responsive mayors in my lifetime, bar none,” Haus said.  “He’s done a top-notch job.”

     According to Anesh, his biggest accomplishments to date are controlling taxes and spending and bringing new businesses to town.  “When we took over from the prior administration things weren’t going well.   Taxes had just gone up significantly, and the business climate was horrible.  We’ve reversed that trend.”

     Mayor Anesh said he has one goal: “to hold down taxes, while investing in our hometown’s future.”   


    The following projects are just a few the Mayor and Council have been able to do, while keeping taxes under control: 

            · Doubled the size of the library

            · New Wrestling & Cheer Mats at the PAL

            · Traffic Signal on Woodland Ave

            · Willow Park Expansion

            · New Police Vehicles & Equipment

            · Southside Dog Park

            · Senior Center Upgrades

            · Memorial Field Lighting

            · Community Pool Facelift

            · Fire Ladder Truck


     One of the Mayor's biggest accomplishments was doubling the size of our library.   “Rather than borrowing for the project, which the prior administration planned, we worked with our Library Board of trustees and we were able to do it without borrowing and without increasing taxes.”   

    “Matt received our unanimous support,” said April Bengivenga, the head of the South Plainfield Republicans.  “He’s earned another term, and our whole team will be getting behind him.”

     “He is truly a hometown mayor,” added Councilman Derryck White, who is currently serving his third term on Council.  “I have lived in South Plainfield for two decades, and I’ve never seen a mayor have so many things thrown at him and handle them so well.”

     “Matt’s had to deal with floods, hurricanes, blizzards, a catastrophic fire--you name it,” White said.  “Yet he’s handled them well.  I can’t believe the difference when I look at other towns and see how much better South Plainfield has been run.”

     Councilwoman Christine Faustini agreed with White, saying that Anesh has also done a solid job leading the governing body. “But it’s more than just that,” Faustini explained.  “Matt’s never too busy to follow up on a call from a resident or pitch in at a fundraiser.  In fact, he’s the only mayor I know who jumped on the back of a garbage truck to help pick up storm debris after Sandy or dressed up as the 'Cat In The Hat' to read to our children at the library.  He’ll do whatever it takes to get things done for his hometown.”

When asked about his plans for the election, Anesh said he will run on his record and he hopes his opponent will too:  “The people of the town know me.  I’ll work hard to keep things going in the right direction and get the results our hometown deserves.”

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