Anesh, Bengivenga, Wolak: "It’s About South Plainfield"

     “Whether it’s holding down taxes, investing more in our hometown, or recruiting businesses to bring in good-paying jobs, residents know they can count on us to put South Plainfield first,” Mayor Matt Anesh said this week.


Anesh pointed to a string of accomplishments that he says shows his team can make a difference:


  • Holding Down Taxes – The part of the tax bill controlled by the council is flat for the second consecutive year—even while surrounding towns are seeing huge tax hikes.


  •  Lowering Contract Costs – The Council negotiated contracts with its employee unions that enabled the borough to stay below the state two-percent cap.


  • Doubling the size of the Library – The library has doubled in size at no additional cost to the taxpayers. Patrons are up 180% and programs up 140%.


  • Bringing More Services “In House” – Engineering services, bulk picks and electrical inspections were all brought in house saving taxpayers over $180,000 a year. 


  • Liquid Assets Closure –   Mayor Anesh and his team fought the former Liquid Assets for years. It was a blighted crime infested Go-Go bar that is now a great seafood restaurant! The Southside Clam Bar is a must try for all residents.


     Anesh also noted how his team inherited several projects the prior Democrat administration bungled. This forced Anesh and his team to find innovate solutions.  “We found a bipartisan solution to double the size of the library, after a decade of false promises.” Anesh explained.  “We also got the alternate truck route (Hollywood Avenue) approved and met with Congressman Pallone earlier this year about obtaining funding.  He agreed this project is a benefit to South Plainfield and said he will urge congress to help fund it.”


     Councilman Joe Wolak, who is seeking his second term, said the key to keeping South Plainfield on the right track is putting the right people in place. Wolak says, “In the past, the other side put the wrong people in key spots, often recycling council people from their party or choosing the politically tied.”  


     “We worked hard to bring in strong leaders who could get results,” Wolak said.  “I think our appointments show the town comes first, not politics.” 


     Council President Rob Bengivenga pointed to people like Amy Antonides, our Clerk and Chief Jim Parker at the police department as examples of what Wolak meant.  “You put the right people in the right places and you get results,” said Bengivenga.


     “We’re here for South Plainfield and South Plainfield only. We’re not here to please some political machine or special interest group.” said Anesh, “If you think our town is moving in the right direction, we ask for your support so we can continue to get the job done for our hometown.”   

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